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Pure nature in an architectural hotel

Modernity meets tradition

Visit the modern and unique architecture hotel in Defereggental, which captivates with an exciting relationship between nature and architecture.


Modern elements take up the typical regional architecture and set some conscious contrasts. The natural building material wood is used in a modern and harmonising way and is given the opportunity to fully unfold its pleasantly fragrant and warming character.

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Key data of the hotel

Opening - December 2008

Owner - Mag. Tatiana Maksimova
General planning - architectural association
E. Griessman - B. Scherzer - W. Mayr

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The house opens... the outside and lets the moods of nature flow in directly through high window fronts. Spacious rooms and the harmonious interior design reinforce the feeling of being in harmony with nature.


The slight rush of the small river and the chirping birds of the forest in summer or the quiet fall of the snowflakes in winter make nature close enough to touch and round off the holiday package in the cosy rooms.


The SPA Hotel Zedern Klang is a unique experience in every season!


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Pure nature in an architectural hotel


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Modern design and traditional wood


Impressionen - Restaurant


The peak of pleasures in East Tyrol


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Cordiality, individuality & sustainability


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Services included

Services included for our guests


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Pictures say more than a thousand words


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