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Alpine water "Urleiten"

Finest Alpine water from Hopfgarten in Defereggental

"Urleiten" stands for naturalness

...lively freshness and balanced mineralization.


Urleiten is the new source of taste for gourmets. The water gets its unique natural freshness and the characteristic mineralization from the mountain spring of the Deferegger Alps.


The millions of years old rock windings, which lead the water through the crystalline primary rock, give the alp spring water its name.


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Urleiten Alpenquellwasser-neu

The water source

in Hopfgarten in Defereggental

Urleiten Alpenquellwasser is one of the few mineral waters that are transported to the surface naturally, i. e. without mechanical aid. This jewel of nature is bottled here in the East Tyrolean nature reserve in Hopfgarten in the Defereggental.

The neutral taste particularly underlines the enjoyment of the finest dishes and exquisite drinks and is therefore particularly popular in the upscale gastronomy and among gourmets. The water presents itself stylishly in a timelessly elegant design and thus signals the proximity to exquisite drinks.

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Ambience to enjoy

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Menu & À la Carte

The peak of pleasures in Defereggental


Kulinarik - Alpenquellwasser - Symbolfoto

Alpine water

Finest Alpine water from Hopfgarten


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