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Alpine massages

Feel the power of nature

Herbal power from the Alps...

We want to show you the force of nature with the natural products of VITALIS Dr. Joseph.

Let yourself be pampered with the unique alpine active ingredients. The naturally pure vegetable oils are obtained by cold pressing the seeds and kernels and are free of chemical additives. Vegetable oils are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids.

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Alpine deep relaxation...

Warm VITALIS Dr. Joseph aroma oil and serpentine stones from East Tyrol are used for a relaxing and at the same time activating massage. 

The harmonious interplay of aroma oil massage and mountain stones relieves muscle tension down to the deep body zones. You can feel a real energy boost! The treatment transforms the energy of the stones into harmony for the body.

60 minutes
| € 75,00


Heavenly herbal scent...

The stamp massage is a powerful and intensive full body treatment with valuable natural oils and selected organic herbal mixtures.

The herbal stamps are guided over the body with gentle pressure and intensive tapping. This stimulating treatment technique and the herbs used help to reduce stress while the finest aromatic massage oils provide new vitality.

60 minutes
| € 85,00

Individual time-out...

This treatment is a wonderful combination of massage and energy work.

It leads to a deep relaxation. The scent of high-quality organic aromatic oils lets you quickly forget everything around you and you return refreshed to the here and now. Choose your favorite aroma for your personal time-out...

  • Organic aromatic oil Balance
    The relaxing properties of lavender, mandarin and grapefruit are combined with the soothing properties of exotic fragrances such as frankincense, patchouli and ylang-ylang. St. John's wort oil is the carrier of this care oil, which relieves mental and muscular tensions.
  • Organic aromatic oil Vitality
    For an invigorating massage, based on arnica oil from the mountains. Juniper with its invigorating note and its unique fragrance characterizes this organic aroma oil. The components of rosemary and cypress create balance and the power of lemon & grapefruit complete the bouquet.
  • Organic aromatic oil Harmony
    The fresh scent of coniferous wood and the sweet notes of vanilla and citrus fruits accompany you and give you a gentle calm. This aromatic oil is ideal for those seeking harmony. Organic ringel flower oil as a base offers gentle protection for the skin.
60 minutes| € 75,00

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Feel good arrangements

Our arrangements give you time to relax - lean back, recharge your batteries and let us pamper you.


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Alpine Massages

Alpine massages - we want to make nature close. Let yourself be pampered with the unique alpine massage treatments.


Klassische Massagen-1

Classic Massages

Classic massages - start your holiday in the Defereggental in East Tyrol healthy, fit and without tension.


Maria Galland-1

Cosmetics Maria Galland

With the luxury products of MARIA GALLAND we want to lead you into a world of inner and outer beauty.


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Cosmetics Vitalis Dr. Joseph

NATURE Cosmetic Deluxe by VITALIS Dr. Joseph is a certified natural cosmetic with 100% natural purity.


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Body peeling and pack

Alpine health and beauty rituals - enjoy this very special time out in which your skin is pampered to the maximum.


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