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Rooms & Suites

In harmony with nature

Modern design, harmony & nature

The Spa Hotel Zedern Klang captivates by its harmonious symbiosis between modern architecture and the traditional building material wood, which was processed here in a very stylish building method. The aim was to live in harmony with nature inside the Spa Hotel. The spacious rooms with the high window fronts capture the moods of the soothing surroundings and offer the guest a harmonious environment to find peace and relaxation.


When planning and furnishing the rooms, great importance was attached to the highest quality and a relaxing atmosphere. Some rooms are barrier-free and offer sufficient space.


Zimmer - Doppelzimmer Zedern Klang - Symbolfoto

Room Zedern Klang

  • Standard double room with 25-28 m²
  • Comfortable and modern
  • Suitable as a room for single use


Zimmer - Doppelzimmer Natur Plus - Bild 4

Room Natur Plus

  • Deluxe double room with 28-30 m²
  • A dream in fragrant stone pine wood
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers


Zimmer - Zimmer Superior - Bild 1

Room Superior

  • Spacious room with 32-35 m²
  • Stylish, modern and spacious
  • Perfect for families


Zimmer - Familiensuite Deluxe - Symbolfoto

Family Suite Deluxe

  • Family Suite with a total of 50-52 m²
  • Two double rooms with connecting door
  • Privacy for parents and children


Zimmer - Suite Schwarzach - Symbolfoto

Suite Schwarzach

  • Design suite with 43 m²
  • Highest comfort effectively implemented
  • Living corner with view into the landscape


Zimmer - Suite Defereggental - Bild 4

Suite Defereggental

  • Dream suite with 48 m²
  • Luxury and dreamlike mountain scenery
  • Living corner with open fireplace


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