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Deferegger healing water

The heritage of the primeval sea

Healing thermal water

The thermal spring in St. Jakob in Defereggen is a very old healing spring and unique in the Alpine region. Due to the high mineral content, the temperature of 24°C and the chemical composition, the medicinal spring in East Tyrol can be called thermal water.

More than a million years matured in the rocks of the Tauern at a depth of 1850 metres, this pure essence contains the primal power of the Alps. This salt water containing iodine is the oldest medicinal water in Europe. It strengthens body and mind. A wonderful treasure for mankind!


Abfüllgebäude Deferegger Heilwasser

Healing water applications

A gift to the skin - skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, acne and excema, skin irritations, wounds, scars, age spots, wasp and mosquito bites. The salts and minerals stimulate cell renewal and inhibit inflammation.

Vessels, blood pressure, sleep - A special feature of Deferegger healing water is its strengthening, invigorating effect. Anyone who grant in a series of Deferegger medicinal water baths (5 bath applications) will usually quickly feel a noticeable recovery effect. The parasympathetic nerve, the recovery nerve, is clearly activated by the Deferegger healing water. The Dr. -Lechleitner/Dr. -Wiedemair study found at least an activation of + 18 %! This means more efficient recovery, more relaxation and well-being. Stress and tension are clearly reduced.


Deferegger Heilwasser Anwendungen

At the same time, the Deferegger medicinal water bath is a real fountain of youth for the vessels in the body. After just a few baths, disturbed small vessels become elastic again or show a marked improvement. Other positive effects - Blood pressure drops to the level of a mild antihypertensive and sleep architecture improves. You sleep much better. Last but not least, the patient is also relieved of strained and painful joints and a painful spine.

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Deferegger healing water

The heritage of the primeval sea - Deferegger healing water from the thermal spring in St. Jakob is a fountain of youth for the natural regeneration of body and soul.


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