The force of water

Water at the Spa Hotel Zedernklang****SUPERIOR

Water plays a large role for us at the Hotel – not only as a drink but also in our spa area. For our utilization we use water with a healing effect from the thermal springs in St. Jakob and the water treatment used in our pools produces skin compatible effects by means of using natural brine.

The finest drinking water from local springs
Naturalness, spirited freshness and well-balanced mineralisation

Urleiten is the new taste in natural spring water for connoisseurs. Its unique natural freshness and the distinguished light mineralisation is preserved in the water by the artesian mountain springs in the Deferegger Alps. The process of rocks winding over millions of years and guiding the water through crystal primitive rocks, gives its name to the alpine spring water.

Urleiten belongs to one of the few mineral waters, which is transported to the surface naturally and without any mechanical assistance.   We bottle this natural jewel at the Eastern Tirolean Nature Reserve in Hopfgarten i. Defereggental.


Healing Thermal Water
Warming regeneration and recovery from the depths---

The thermal spring at St. Jakob in Defereggen is one of the oldest healing springs and unique in the Alpine area. Due to the high mineral compound content, the temperature of 24°C, and the chemical composition, the healing spring in Eastern Tirol can be described as a thermal spring.

The sodium-chloride-brine-thermal-spring at the TH 1 drilling source contains iodine and deals with fossil water, which is exclusively used with low water usage.

Amongst theSe are arm and sitting baths, wet packs and spray application, drinking cure treatment and inhaling. The healing water reveals its excellent properties especially in skin conditions and also with oxygen enrichment of the blood.


Salt water for bathing
The white gold with healing effects…

Our indoor and outdoor pools are prepared using brine. A brine bath is a bath enriched with sea salt water, which dissolves between 32°C and 37°C, thereby releasing minerals and traces of elements. After a bath in our brine water the skin feels soft.

Brine baths stimulate the blood circulation in the skin, have a healing effect on skin conditions and activate the skin’s metabolism. A brine bath also helps to stimulate and regenerate the joints or the respiratory system.

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Time for both of us

Because it makes more fun together: The couple massage acts as a natural aphrodisiac with aromatic oils. Enjoy your time together in our duo cabine with a glas of prosecco.




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  • Green electricity
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  • 1.000 qm spa area











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