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Wellness in east-Tyrol: set off on a journey to the Far-East and relax through LomiLomiNui and Prama Stone.

The wisdom of the far-east complements the wellness offering in east-Tyrol and opens up a wonderful world of rejuvenation and relaxation which is totally in accord with nature.  Discover your natural power and energy and spoil yourself in general.


Best of Zedern Klang

This is a special massage with hot and cold mountain rocks which stimulates the blood circulation and helps your body’s immune process.


60 min / 75,00€



Hot Stone

Warm basalt stones glide over your body and mobilise your life energies.  The application of coloured Chakra stones turns this holistic wellness treatment into a really special experience.

60 min / 70,00€


East Tyrolean Mountain Herb Massage

This good smelling mountain herb treatment stimulates your metabolism and purges, helps your skin and triggers an anti-cramp reaction.

60 min / 85,00€


Energy of the Alpine sun

This bodies resting massage with precious oils equally calms nervous system and restores muscles. The sensitive facial massage gives deep relaxation.

60 min / 70,00€


Classic Full Massage

The classic massage originates in Sweden and relaxes your musculature system.

60 min / 70,00€


Foot Reflexology Massage

Every organ has a corresponding area on the feet.  Using these so-called reflex-zones, we can positively influence the events in the body in advance.  This massage is given following a back massage.

45 min / 55,00€


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Time for both of us

Because it makes more fun together: The couple massage acts as a natural aphrodisiac with aromatic oils. Enjoy your time together in our duo cabine with a glas of prosecco.




with two toques from Gault Millaut.



  • Eco building certification A
  • Green electricity
  • 1 toque from Gault Millaut for cuisine
  • 1.000 qm spa area











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